Today in the city Noorvik 23.04.2017
Artificial Intelligence Pioneers: Peter Norvig, Google

Peter Norvig, Director of Research at Google, shares lessons and insights from his three decades of researching and teaching machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Nigel Farage is getting nervous about Brexit. Trump could be his life preserver.

Former U.K. Independence Party leader Nigel Farage was the original Mr. Brexit — both an inspiration to, and an admirer of, President-elect Donald Trump. But now he's getting nervous: "I suspect we wi...

Chipotle shares sink after co-CEO says he is 'nervous' about hitting year-end guidance

Chipotle shares fall more than 5 percent after the company said it's "nervous" about hitting its year-end guidance.

Italianen zijn nerveus over referendum en halen hard uit naar Dijsselbloem: ‘Zoveelste blunder’

"Dijsselbloem heeft geen idee wat er zich in Italië allemaal afspeelt." Het bericht Italianen zijn nerveus over referendum en halen hard uit naar Dijsselbloem: ‘Zoveelste blunder’ verschee...

The One Person Who Made Teyana Taylor Nervous To Walk Yeezy

Presley Ann/Patrick McMullan via Getty ImagesTeyana Taylor burst into national consciousness with her iconic dance performance in Kanye West's "Fade" video. She was forceful in the right measure, athl...

Ten Nervous Habits That Will Damage Your Career

Nervous habits can be damaging to your career even when (or especially when) you aren't aware of the habit! Here are ten of them to watch out for

Business owners have never been this nervous about a presidential election

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are making small business owners cautious, historically cautious. In the most recent NFIB Small Business survey, 39% of small business owners cited the political...

Aly Raisman’s Nervous Parents Prove Why Watching the Olympics Is the Ultimate Spectator Sport

Last night, while Aly Raisman was busy sticking Arabian double pikes and punch-front layouts to qualify for the all-around women’s gymnastics Olympic finals, her parents were in the stands completing...

11 nervous habits that make you look incompetent

Whether you're battling it out for a job in an interview or you're trying to impress your boss, your unconscious actions in the heat of a nerve-racking moment can be a dead giveaway that you're uncomf...

Aly Raisman's Nervous Parents Can't Handle Pressure of Watching Her Rio Olympics Routine

"I get nervous because I know what goes into it and how many hours she's prepared and how hard she is on herself," Lynn Raisman tells PEOPLE

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